Tub Shower Combo

The tub shower combo is the most all inclusive and convenient ways to provide a home with bathing facilities. Not all people like the shower and the same is true for baths. Having different options in bathing always guarantees that one will be preferred over the other based on preferences. Some love bathing longer and use the tub but for those that’s always in a hurry, the shower might be more favorable. Hence, you can always have the best of both worlds when you have a tub shower combo at home. This combination gives rise to several versions you can find in the market today listed below.
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Types Of Tub Shower Combo Today

  • tub with a standard wall shower
  • corner tub shower combo
  • walk-in tub and shower combo
  • tub with the hand-held shower
  • enclosed tub and shower combo
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Tips In Selecting A Tub Shower Combo

A tub shower combo can be chosen according to shape, function and location. Hourglass, oval, square, curved, rectangular and corner or triangular shapes can be selected to fit into large or small bathrooms. If a standard molded tub doesn’t work in the space, there are other choices, like a corner tub which occupies significantly less space. In larger bathrooms where space is not an issue, the more extravagant shapes can be utilized. Hourglass, oval, rectangular and curved shapes are common in larger spaces.
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Next is the manner in which the shower functions. Is it a standard wall mounted showerhead (Wall)? Or is it a hand-held shower (H-H), traditionally used in smaller bathing areas as well as large tubs. Most tub and shower combos are designed to not only fit the space, but also the preference of the intended user or users. An elderly individual may require a step-in tub with a seat and a hand-held shower for safety reasons. They may have space constraints as well, necessitating a corner tub. With that specific set of needs, a unique design must be created: a corner tub with a seat, walk-in function and a hand-held shower.
If space is not a problem, design may limit the choices of a bathroom shower ideas. A claw foot tub necessitates the use of a hand-held shower, while wall mounted showerheads are generally built in enclosed tub and shower areas. The tub shower module or a cast iron undermount (UM) or drop-in tub is normally found in most tub shower combos used with wall mounted showerheads. In enclosed spaces that accommodate baths of this type you may also find tubs with whirlpools and showers with body sprays.
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Popular Tub Shower Combo Options

  • Free-standing tub and hand-held shower
  • Tub and wall mounted shower module and/or hand-held shower option
  • Drop-in or undermount tub with wall mounted shower and/or hand-held shower option
  • Corner tub with wall mounted shower and/or hand-held option
There are many brands to chose from when shopping for a top brands of tub and shower combo, however a Kohler tub shower combo is quite often the brand that is selected for its construction and the almost endless variety from which to choose. There is a size and shape for every need and desire. Function is another area which Kohler manages to cover with precision. Select from a wide variety of step-in tubs, freestanding, drop-in, undermount and molded tub shower combos made from cast iron to plastic. Every price point is represented. Every need and desire is considered with very few exceptions. The tub shower combo has made a positive and permanent contribution to modern-day society. For that very reason we should expect to see more and more innovations in that sector of the bathroom products industry.
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