Top Brands Of Tub and Shower Combo

A limited floor space in the bathroom can be an issue among some homeowners. Those who live in apartments or condominium units might worry about having a small bathroom. However, there are accessories that have space saving features.

A tub shower combo is a popular accessory found in small and large bathrooms. The unit can be one-piece, or it can also be separated into sections. This ideal bathroom accessory can satisfy those who need a shower area and bath tub in one unit.

Check out these top brands of the tub and shower combo that are available in home improvement stores.
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Top 3 Brands of Tub and Shower Combinations


Kohler is one of the popular makers of the tub and shower combinations. The company offers one-piece units, as well as sectional units that many homeowners prefer for their home.
  • One-Piece Bath Tub and Shower Combo: Kohler features a one-piece bath and shower unit that comes with grab bars with nylon exterior material. The tub has slip-resistant floors for safety purposes. There is also a removable seat positioned in a variety of ways.
  • Multi-Piece Tub and Shower Combo: The multi-piece tub and shower units by Kohler are elegant. The design is superb, and it comes with top quality acrylic construction. Consumers need to purchase bathroom fixtures and tub waste, as these tools are not included in the module.


Budget-conscious consumers purchase a bath and shower combo unit by Swanstone. Those who need a simple, yet reliable shower unit will find satisfaction in the products made by this company.
  • The shower walls come with high-gloss features that provide brilliance to any bathroom.
  • Consumers can also rely on the optimum durability of the materials used in the unit.
  • Installation is also easy, as the unit can fit in most doorways and can be installed by one person.
  • There are several colors and designs that people can choose from the bath and shower modules.
Swanstone Tub and Shower Combo Kit: The kit includes a back panel with soap dish molded in, two-piece end panels, adhesives and tapes for installation, and an instruction manual. However, bathroom fixtures and grab bars are not included in the kit.


The company is well-known for exquisite quality bath-shower units that are preferred by choosy consumers. Those who look for numerous choices of one-piece or multi-piece units can decide to check out the products by Sterling.
  • Consumers will delight on the wide variety of the tub and shower combos that come with elegant designs.
  • The modern look of the units is appealing to many consumers that prefer contemporary styles for their bathroom.
  • A particular module includes a back wall, end panel walls, wall set (three pieces), tub liner, adhesives, and shelves on the back wall.
  • The units are notable for durable construction because of the sturdy Vikrell material.
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These brands of the tub and shower combo are popular among consumers that look for outstanding bathroom accessories. They can rely on the superb durability and functionality of these bath and shower units. The solid construction and the ease in installation are some of the reasons why these brands are preferred by many homeowners worldwide.
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